I am Krista White

Machinist, Entrepreneur, Content Creator, Homesteader

About me

Name: Krista White

Title: Freelancer

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 902-321-2183

Hello, My name is Krista. I am a woman of many varying talents and enjoy a challenge. On a typical day you can find my tending to the homestead, conversing with students many time zones away, working at any number of local machine shops, or simply planning my next project.

At home, I run a small homestead with both livestock and produce. I currently have a pig, chickens, ducks, and geese. Seasonally I grow quail and meat chickens. I look forward to expanding to goats and sheep in the near future. Current projects include creating trails through the 5 acres property that I will use to divide up pasture and forest area for the animals as well as creating walking trails.

When I am working from home, it usually involves teaching. Teaching is done using a virtual classroom, with students living in China. I primarily teach overnight and early morning. My students range from as young as 3 and as old as 16. Mandarin is often their first language, and I teach them English.

Machining is a great passion of mine, and while I love working from home with the homestead and my students, I will always be involved in the machining industry. Currently, I work with local shops providing extra support in whatever capacity is needed such as: machine operation, both CNC and manual; duburring; packaging and shipping; product design; process developement; programming; and process implementation.


What can I help you with?

Remote Office

With an up-to-date office and remote capabilities, I am confident that I can meet or exceed any expectations you have. My typical work involves web development; tutoring/education; project planning and developement; and graphic design.

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Many years of experiance in varying fields of machining have allowed me the skill set to easily transition between different areas of a shop as needed. My skillset includes (but is not limited to): CNC set up and operation; programming; precision deburring; general maintenance; scheduling; process planning; workflow optomization; inspection; shipping and receiving; and cleaning.

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Permaculture planning

The process of designing an efficient homestead is like putting together a puzzle. This is an area I am very passionate about in homesteading. Permaculture is a system for designing agricultural landscapes that are ecologically sound, working with nature to be low maintenance and highly productive. Privide me with your vision, I will provide you with the 6 most important maps to bring your vision to life: The base map; The sun map; The sector map; The zone map; The Master Plan; and The water map. I also offer consultation to implement the design as well as hands on labour.


What do I have on the go?

The Homestead

Wood 'N' Rose Homestead is ever evolving. I soon hope to be able to add a section here to showcase the current projects I am working on.

The Homestead / Ongoing

Website Project

Are you a trades worker interested in developing your own business? Maybe you're looking to pick up some work in your spare time? Are you laid off for the season and looking for a temporary gig? Are you a business owner looking for someone skilled to fill a temporary or on-call gap? Well this new project may be just what you're looking for.

Website Project / Ongoing